Here are a brief explanation and set of answers to FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) that should help explain to web site users how the ARCOMUSIC.NL order system works:

FILL YOUR CART: does NOT require you to register in order to use the cart and make an order. As you hit the site, a cookie with a variable that tracks your cart items whilst you are on the site is sent to your browser and immediately you can add items to your cart.

Titles are sold in sets, of which the minimum number you may order is according to the number of voices. Extra booklets can be ordered by those of you who have already ordered sets, you will be able to request single score extras to be added to your cart from the special link on the cart page, otherwise first time buyers of that score will be obliged to order the minimum quantity. ARCO will verify these before your order is sent out.


Once your cart is full you may proceed to check out. If you have not selected a shipping location, through which the cost of shipping and tax is calculated you will be asked to select a region. Having done this you will return to the cart page, where you can verify that you are happy with the cost of shipping and u may once again proceed to checkout.You will then be asked for your shipping details. The required fields are in RED. Having filled these out, you will be asked to verify them before you proceed.

Once you have given your details, you will be asked to confirm your order, unless you do this final step, your order will not be processed.

Once you confirm, you will have to wait 60 seconds while the order is processed , after which you and the sales department will receive an email with the details of your order, and a printeable invoice will appear in your browser window.


Subject to availability, your goods will be sent out by regular mail, or priority if you are outside the Netherlands, within a few days with your final invoice.

ARCO music publishing excercises its right NOT to accept returns on any orders once it has been confirmed by the buyer. Goods may be replaced with identical copies, should any books be damaged upon receipt, however, you must alert arco to any dmamage within 7 days of receipt of the goods.


Final payment is expected within 14 DAYS of invoice.