ARCO Music Publishing is based in the Netherlands and was founded in 1991 by Ko Duijvestijn and Tom Grondman. ARCO Music is a dynamic publishing company specialised in close-harmony music. We publish the best of popmusic and jazzstandards arranged in an 'easy-to-sing' fashion and emphasising both interesting and surprising harmonies and rhythms.

Our catalogue contains a wide variety of scores, reworked by selected arrangers, all of whom have extensive experience as singers and choir-conductors/tutors. All publications are exclusively available through ARCO Music and its distribution network!

As a music publishing company we also specialise in music-DTP. Any handwritten music can be digitally set and made to look crisp and 'easy to read' using modern technologies. ARCO Music has many years of experience behind it and can prepare your scores for printing, print them, or even prepare them for publication on the Internet.

Whether your score includes accompanying parts for each instrument or not, we can tranpose and duplicate it without errors, thus avoiding any mistakes in understanding what the composer intended, when the music is being read by musicians.

Whatever your needs ARCO Music will deal with them in a Professional and High Quality manner